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Tekno the Robotic Puppy Schematic
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The circuitry of Tekno represents a minimal and inexpensive robotic solution with a wide range of functionality. It might engender ideas for inexpensive solutions. More info can be found on the Tekno website.

[Tekno schematic]


  • What says "light sensor" is probably a microphone.
  • The unit uses split power, with 4.5v for the electronics and 10.5v for the motors.
  • The h-bridge, which drives the main motor, is a simple and cheap bipolar transistor affair - this circuit has a "smoke" mode in the case where both inputs are high simultaneously.
  • The motors are probably quite noisy electrically, as most toy motors are, so they use capacitors across, and inductors in series with, the terminals.
  • The speaker amplifier could probably use a resistor in series in the lead from the transistor base to the microcontroller pin driving it - furthermore, a constant DC output from the microcontroller will probably burn out the speaker. This design could be improved for safety reasons.