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Nico-6 at 2006 Robothon Seattle

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All pictures here courtesy of Larry Geib from Portland and P.A.R.T.S.

[First Place Prize]
To be fair, Jeff Steidl's octopod V8 (which took 3rd place) is much faster than Nico, but part of running the Robothon contest is that the robot stay within the boundaries of the course at all times. In our case, we concentrated on giving Nico a good complement of sensors, rather than the highest speed, and his (its !!) behavioral decisions were all based upon sensor measurements. All 3 sonars are clearly visible in the picture above.

OTOH, Jeff's walker apparently has no sensors, and bases decisions upon step-counting. What this means is that, if the feet slip, then the robot can get off-course, and has no ability to correct its attitude. In contrast, Nico does multiple orientation corrections all the way home after turning at the wall.

[starting the course]
[running the course]
Nico was actually damaged during shipment to Portland, and Larry Geib kindly fixed all 3 top right-side, and broken, servo horns on the legs.

Great thanks to Larry !!!! You can also see Larry's walker, Babieca, in the background.

[broken pieces]

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